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Success Engine is a premium consultancy dedicated to enabling individuals and teams to realize their fullest potential and achieve their aspiration. We trust that finding your passion, focusing on what’s important to achieve your aspiration, makes a powerful impact in gaining the highest achievements.

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Through focused executive coaching in one to one or team coaching we empower individuals and teams to make an impact for achieving great results that hugely inspires them for further success, collaboration and winning culture.

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Inga Ezera

Inga EzeraInga Ezera is a qualified, experienced and very well recognised expert in performance coaching, personal and leadership branding and empowerment for success. Her passion is success coaching with zest of assisting those who admire their achievements and strive for higher. She is passionate about people and performance with a high sense of personal drive and energy.

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Inga is a terrific coach.  She gives you her full attention and her questions are truly incisive.  You feel supported but more importantly, you also feel challenged.  Inga does not let you off the hook, which would be a normal thing to do, but rather she confronts issues that would otherwise gather dust.  It is this that makes for a really constructive coaching session and the sparks that come out of this type of conversation are the shoots of the development activity.  Inga is forceful where needed, but sufficiently supportive that she does not lose your trust.  It is in this safe environment that makes you feel able to explore options and choose strategies that are right for you.

Simon Alldridge, Managing Director, Ashtead Performance Group

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