Inga Ezera

Inga EzeraInga Ezera is a qualified, experienced and very well recognised expert in performance coaching, personal and leadership branding and empowerment for success. Her passion is success coaching with zest of assisting those who admire their achievements and strive for higher. She is passionate about people and performance with a high sense of personal drive and energy.

Inga has had over 17 years HR expertise and experience of leading, managing and motivating both individuals and teams to achieve high levels of success and greatly improve business performance.

She has project management experience in organizational-wide projects across the globe. Experience working in company boards and leadership teams brings commercial acumen and deep understanding on board and executive team challenges.

Inga’s personal motto is “Anything is possible for those who believe”. Her confidence in opportunity to achieve what you want in life by passion, focus and impact. She empowers individuals via coaching for success.

Her educational background is psychology and coaching. With her extensive experience of working with individuals and organisations globally, she has been successfully delivering coaching programmes reliant on challenging leadership mindset, thinking and behavior. Her unique inspirational style has enabled leaders to refine their approach and impact, resulting in sustainable improvements in the team and organizational performance. With a profoundly honest approach and through her natural, informal style, Inga quickly builds the trust and rapport needed to work at the deeper level of challenge, which is required to get beneath the surface and make sustainable changes or impact.

Experience in coaching and collaborating with clients in different countries across the globe with different cultural backgrounds makes Inga a global mindset. She has been working with clients in EMEA – Asia, Middle East, Latin America, as well as many countries in Europe, coaching individuals and teams to build for success.

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