Develop&monetize a million dollar personal brand to skyrocket your business



Develop & monetize a million dollar personal brand to skyrocket your business 

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Have you ever wondered – why some businesses are snowed with customers coming to them and requesting their services and why some businesses struggle to attract the right audience? Your authentic impactful personal brand is the success key to attract the ideal customers and skyrocket your business seamlessly. Join this online program and discover how to develop an unforgettable and impactful personal brand that is true to yourself and your values, resonates with your ideal customers and gets right into your customers’ minds and hearts! That is the success key to a business that helps more people, makes extraordinary more profit and gives you the life you enjoy.

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People buy from people they know, like and trust. Your well developed personal brand builds that trust, credibility and visibility, it makes you the only logical choice for your ideal customers. An authentic personal brand gives you the power to sell anything without even having to sell. Customers are lining up to request your services. How great is that!?

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Discover Everything You Need To Develop Your Personal Brand That Helps You Radically Increase Clarity, Confidence, Sales & Conversions And Make The Impact You Were Born To Make! It is a live interactive online program designed to get you to communicate your added value to your ideal clients more powerfully and persuasively, in your voice — fast and confident. Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each module:


Develop an irresistible authentic personal brand that is true to you and resonates with your audience. 

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In order to truly make an impact in your business for your customers, you first need to start with clarity on your personal brand for yourself and for your ideal customers. This will grow your clarity, confidence, impact to achieve stunning business that is congruent to who you are and therefore attracts the right ideal customers to enhance business results. In this module you’ll: 

  • Unlock the impactful psychology to how brands work and how personal brand impacts your business results, on-demand sales and brings more loyal customers 
  • Master the core elements of an authentic influence and learn the keys to inspire people to follow you and buy from you - in a way that’s full of integrity, transparency, personal excellence and caring 
  • Develop clarity on your personal brand through an authentic 7 step Personal Brand development formula – you will be amazed with the energy, drive and the confidence to share your message and impact it will generate 
  • Eliminate your self doubt if any, and deal with limiting beliefs that stop you from skyrocketing your business


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Crystalize your ideal customer and the transformation you provide for them with your products or services and create bullet proof business development strategy that will rock your revenues and growth. 

We all make mistakes when we think about our ideal customer. If you think your product suits everyone or majority, think again! When you have crystal clear clarity on your customer and what’s going on in their mind, you master the magic of ensuring they demand your products or services. In this module, you’ll: 

  • Discover why your products or services do not sell as well as you want to 
  • Obtain key frameworks to classify your ideal customers and tailor a solution in a way that’s totally winning them over 
  • Get the tool that guarantees you focus on what your customers most want to maximize sales and satisfaction 
  • Learn the “results” language to supercharge the most impact on conversions 
  • Develop an impactful product and services pipeline that hooks your customers in and makes them want to stay with you a lifetime


How to instantly & dramatically improve your visibility, credibility and reachability, so that your ideal customers come to you themselves. 

Every bit of your communication – from crafting our message right for the sales pages to choosing the right communication channels and impactful personal introduction help you boost sales and customer satisfaction, as long as you craft them right to be irresistible for your customer. In this module you’ll: 

  • Get a fail-proof framework that’ll help you quickly develop your visibility, credibility and reachability boost machine 
  • Use The Ultimate visibility, credibility and reachability checklist to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table 
  • Discover how to ensure you constantly stay on your ideal customer’s mind in a way that they enjoy it 
  • Establish thought leadership and building your authority in the niche and circle of influence that will open a whole new world to your business development 
  • Learn the tricks of networking and transforming your business introduction into a short and impactfull killer speech that will immediately make you stand out among the competition and grab your audience’s attention


The most powerful vision creation and goal setting strategies that will skyrocket your business that no one really teaches or talks about. 

There is a secret to how to set your vision and goals in a way that gets you so excited and helps you dramatically boost your business. You’ll learn: 

  • The must-use “confidence blocks remover” and “self doubt eliminator” that saves worrying time and trains your brain to keep dreaming big and going for it 
  • Step-by-step formula that ensure your success mindset development for an unstoppable entrepreneur, freelancer, creative person or business owner 
  • How to set your goals impactfully to achieve them automagically to live a more fulfilling life and really enjoy what you do 
  • Walk away with an ACTION PLAN to help you move forward immediately.


Ninja-master your personal brand impact strategies through social media and meaningful content strategy to ensure your ideal clients know, like and trust you (and your products/services) are the ones they need. 

Master your social media orchestra for your winning business impact march. In this module you’ll get a secret bank of strategies, tools and best practices that will help you develop a meaningful and impactful content and social media strategy, choose the right channels, tools and message format for each and develop a content plan that boosts your sales exponentially. You’ll discover: 

  • How to create a social media strategy that ensures that “cha -ching” sound to your bank account consistently 
  • How to build an impactful Facebook business page and benefit from all the opportunities Facebook provides 
  • How to build an attractive LinkedIn business development approach that sells your business impact for you and implement the strategies that generate revenues through LinkedIn 
  • Our little-known, secret content generating strategy that will decrease dramatically the time you spend on content creation and increase the impact of your message 
  • How to invest less time and get more real outcome out of a social media strategy, tools, and platforms by using a bullet proof content plan

You will obtain:

  • Every module is filled with practical guidelines, strategies, tools, checklists and swipe-files that will make it easier to implement what you have learned straight away. 
  • The modules are jam packed with valuable pearls that you will be able to immediately apply to develop your personal brand to ensure your business development easier, with less pain and struggle. 
  • Your ideal target customers will find you themselves and demand your services. 
  • And you will be able to do the job that you love and live a more fulfilling life.

  • This live online training is combined with practical tips and strategies, so come prepared to participate. Inga will share her own unique blueprint of personal brand development and personal branding strategies that has helped herself and her clients to expand their businesses locally, nationally and globally.

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE webinars always fill up because they are significantly better than other events - you can join live from anywhere, ask your questions and engage with the trainer.

Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • Who is this for? Business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative people. It’s the success key to enhance your business development.
  • When is it? 5 evenings (4 Thursdays and 1 Friday evening), starting 2 August at 19:00 – 20:30 UK time. (and 10, 16, 23, 30 August). 7PM London (GMT), 2PM New York (EDT), 11AM Los Angeles (PDT), 6AM Sydney (AEDT)
  • Where is it? join from anywhere, it’s live online. If you will not be able to join some of the sessions, we will send you the recording.
  • How: we will send you the webinar access link and joning instructions two days before the programm starts.
  • Why should I be there? To skyrocket your business though the power of a personal brand  
  • What's it all about? How to sell without even having to sell and build the business, lifestyle and income you truly want and deserve

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About your trainer and mentor:

Drawing on her rich corporate business experience leading teams and influencing business results across a number of global, diverse markets, such as Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Western Europe and the UK, Inga has paved a way from successful corporate career to flourishing consulting business. 

She helps ambitious and dedicated professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs like yourself unlock their highest aspirations, think bigger, get crystal clear clarity and success strategies to achieve their ambitions and sky rocket their career and business development quicker, smarter and bolder. Inga is dedicated to inspire you to think bigger and empower you to achieve where anything is possible.  

Inga Ezera

Inga Ezera