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Inga is a terrific coach.  She gives you her full attention and her questions are truly incisive.  You feel supported but more importantly, you also feel challenged.  Inga does not let you off the hook, which would be a normal thing to do, but rather she confronts issues that would otherwise gather dust.  It is this that makes for a really constructive coaching session and the sparks that come out of this type of conversation are the shoots of the development activity.  Inga is forceful where needed, but sufficiently supportive that she does not lose your trust.  It is in this safe environment that makes you feel able to explore options and choose strategies that are right for you.

by Simon Alldridge, Managing Director, Ashtead Performance Group

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My life has markedly improved for the better since starting my sessions with Inga. Her friendly, encouraging manner and insightful questioning have been a wonderful and enjoyable way of allowing me to take vague problems which were holding me back, and distil out of them practical, feasible actions and strategies. As a result I have been able to sail past these and enjoy a richer and more effective life. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone.

by Jason Williams, Director, London

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Inga Ezera as my coach definitely helps me to open new horizons to my thinking, by asking powerful questions, focusing to reflect, giving effective examples and sharing feedback. It empowers me to capture things I could not achieve by myself.  Every session I discover  that answers to any situation in my life are always with me, but not always I know where they are stored, how to get to them or even how to use them. Capability of evaluating my potential challenges and getting right solutions to them is the major benefit from my coaching sessions.

by Kaspars Lukacovs, Head of Affinity Sales, RSA group

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The coaching sessions have given me huge inspiration and kick to step out of my comfort zone and look at the situations from a different perspective, as well as search extraordinary solutions. Inga is an outstanding coach, she listens to you with her full attention, helps you to discover the blockers and guides you into the right direction to find your own solutions that suites you best. That is the most powerful approach  for these moments when you feel stuck in everyday routine. She facilitates well discovering your passion.

by Dace Zamozdika, Chief Accountant, Det Norske Veritas

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